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Listen... Feel... Experience...

Please Note: X-14 Productions is no longer in the Austin, Texas area and has moved to Groesbeck, Texas. We currently do not provide sufficient recording services but plan to in the near future!

X-14 Productions is a music production and composition studio that writes only the most powerful and emotional music.


As a contender in today's markets, X-14 strives to be top notch and original.


The Target Market for X-14 Productions consists of; musicians/artists, Record Labels, Film Studios, Game Studios, and Television Studios.


There is only one composer, orchestrator, producer, and sound engineer in X-14, which means you will have a consistent experience with no chances of being lost in a pool of employees.


The goal is to connect on a personal level and supply you with exceptional service and music every moment.


Please feel free to discover more about X-14 Productions in the about page. Thanks for stopping by!

Choose what you want to hear.
Choose how it should be felt.
Choose your own experience.

If a piece of music needs to be unique, let us make it unique.

If a sound you are envisioning is unheard of, let us make it heard.

If you think your ideas are impossible, let us make them possible.


With any challenge, there is always a solution.


Sometimes you need to step away and let another person figure out a solution, let us be that solution seeker.


Let us take on the stress and challenges.


Let X-14 allow you to sit back and 'Evolve Your Sound' to be the unique, unheard, and seemingly impossible. 

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