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Hey everyone!

Sorry for going MIA for a little bit! I have been actively updating the site, but not my blog. I finished the X-14 Productions Studio construction, for the most part, during September of 2016.

When I say for the most part, I mean there is some more plans in the works.

Next up:

- Acoustic Panels - Homemade of course

- Area Rug - Black

- Rolling Panel for Vocal section

- Mixing console power supply for my mixing console

Here are some photos of the nearly current X-14 Productions Studio (Version 8.1)!

Hello everyone! There has been a few changes since last time I have posted here. Let's begin with all of the updates!

  1. We have relocated to Hutto Texas.

  2. We started and have nearly finished renovating a space for the studio.

  3. We have acquired exclusive access, within Austin, to a ground breaking software, which will allow us to separate ourselves from our competition.

'Open Your Eyes' is closing in on it's final touches and is better than ever. With a track length of about 10 minutes and 30 seconds, this powerful song is nothing short of a breakthrough for me! I trust you'll be as excited to hear it as I am every time I work on it!

I am also going to show you our official announcement of our exclusive access to this new software. Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement, I am unable to give too many details at this time.

I want to do a partial announcement but can’t say too much. X-14 Productions and Records has been presented with a great opportunity! We have been selected as the first Record Label/Production studio in the whole wide world to use a brand new software for music production.

As the popularity grows, the software will be supplied to other Record Labels and Production Studios, but we will be the exclusive user in Austin. This means that no other studio will be allowed to use this software in Austin. The investor and consumer backing for this software is massive and the growth projections are huge.

We have been presented with a massive opportunity and I look forward to the future challenges and successes that will present themselves through our use and implementation of this software for artists to come. Let’s just say, any artist that has this software tied to their music, will automatically stand out and have a fighting chance to standout and compete with major artists.

This is the newest sound innovation since Dolby Digital.

I also want to show you some of the steps of the renovation with some pictures of the process! There are more pictures to come, however. Enjoy and thank you for checking in!

Hey everyone!

You want to know what's awesome? X-14 is expanding! There are plans in the works to create and open more business! The addition, which is still in heavy planning phase is X-14 Records.

X-14 Records will be the powerhouse Record Label! This means that Musicians and DJs will be brought under the wings of X-14! Artist Relations and Development will be the primary focus. Our focal task will be to build your brand and get you exposure!

X-14 Records will also supply DJs with jobs and shows. You won't need to worry about making sure you get paid! X-14 will get you the money upfront and guarantee you a solid spot!

X-14 Productions will still be the main powerhouse, but with these additions, more opportunities can be offered! It's looking like a bright future is ahead for X-14! Stay tuned for more updates!

There is new music on SoundCloud! Go check it out @

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Alexander C. Torri

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