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Finding the right composer for a movie or game can be difficult, if someone does not know where to look. The same applies for a composer who is trying to find good movies and games, but the quality is negligible. In this case, quality is not the question, it is merely a luxury. The main motivator, when looking for projects, should be to find an idea you can relate to. It only makes sense to contribute to someone else's idea when it fits your own. The various cultures created within the entertainment industry will make searches for like-minded companies pretty narrow. What if someone doesn't know an individual or company that has a similar viewpoint as they do? Would searching outside of the entertainment industry be necessary? There are many new companies and aspiring individuals searching for people with similar viewpoints. The biggest problem is people are limiting themselves to looking only where most of the entertainment industry resides. There is also the issue of looking at every company and not finding a single one to fit your ideas. Where do you look then? Maybe searching in Austin, Texas comes to mind. It is fairly solidified in the entertainment industry, but not quite at the level as New York City, Hollywood, and Los Angeles are. There are plenty of individuals outside of companies who wish to make their idea become a reality. The biggest issue with searching outside of the box though, is the search becomes wider and unfocused. Suddenly, the task of finding people becomes more challenging because people do not come with Mission Statements. It is easier to find a Mission Statement for a Major Corporation than to network and find like-minded people. The other part of the problem is finding people with commitment and determination to succeed. When people work for a company, they are mostly motivated to work because they are guaranteed a paycheck. This is not always the case though. There is a high probability of an individual losing commitment to an idea when faced with a chance of not seeing a potential profit from investing time and effort into a project. As a creator of a new business and seeking out like-minded individuals, I face a great challenge. As mentioned above, people are limiting themselves to looking only where most of the entertainment industry resides. My business, X-14 Productions LLC, is located in Austin, Texas, which has a huge potential but limited funds allocated towards entertainment production. At first, I was looking towards the major corporations for possible income, but then I remembered, Austin is growing. The entertainment industry here may still be considered young and unfocused, but it is alive and well. It's time for people to look in other places than just New York City, Hollywood, and Los Angeles. It's time to look in Austin!

This year has been explosive in possibilities for X-14! With EDM and Metal finally taking the helm alongside Orchestral works in X-14, there is no stopping. X-14 Productions will be focusing on furthering a niche while producing bands and artists within the wide expanse of both genres. With each project X-14 tackles, it becomes more experienced and competitive! Stay tuned for more to come!

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