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Wrayven is an Orchestral Rap artist from Seattle, Washington. He was born and raised in Indiana and raps about his personal experiences. 


Wrayven's Vision:
The reality of learning to live with life experiences is a battle that many have to journey. It is with faith this journey will provide some answers that we can explore together.

Through the ages there has been a testament to bring light a known existence. What the existence is cannot be viewed with eyes, rather only to witness. Although few will grasp its understanding so they may become the resistance. This resistance is not violent, nor can it be bargained with. Those who choose this path are subject to a life amongst a temptress; neither man nor woman this temptress cannot be reasoned against. Therefore a savior was sent to reveal a path of guidance.


Ever since a retaliation has conjured and slowly brought to or presence. And so it was forged after the prophet's resurrection that a messenger would eventuate from the kin of a race's dominance and divergence shall commence. With the greatest nation mankind has privileged of observance, anew legion must be brought forth in establishment. An establishment unshaken and enduring through the eons of infinite will be fought with not by destruction, but words of faith in renascence.


Album: Change in Authority

Album Description

There is a place that harbors inside us all. Every utopian fantasy and every hellacious nightmare resides there. This place is something in which you find solace from reality allowing the vision within to take over. It is a place you can traverse, interact, and form alliances for engagement of friendship. This is your way to cope with grievances and know unconditional love.


However, this place can devour all including thy self. Ensnare the senses and bring the mind to an utter stand still with reality. You must be wary at which source you feed, for the actions and verbiage used throughout a life are accountable, even for merciful. Live thy life for love, unconditional love. This is my journey.

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