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X-14 Update - September 2015

Hey everyone!

You want to know what's awesome? X-14 is expanding! There are plans in the works to create and open more business! The addition, which is still in heavy planning phase is X-14 Records.

X-14 Records will be the powerhouse Record Label! This means that Musicians and DJs will be brought under the wings of X-14! Artist Relations and Development will be the primary focus. Our focal task will be to build your brand and get you exposure!

X-14 Records will also supply DJs with jobs and shows. You won't need to worry about making sure you get paid! X-14 will get you the money upfront and guarantee you a solid spot!

X-14 Productions will still be the main powerhouse, but with these additions, more opportunities can be offered! It's looking like a bright future is ahead for X-14! Stay tuned for more updates!

There is new music on SoundCloud! Go check it out @

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Alexander C. Torri

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